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I recently shared an image…


"The Beast" - The West Point, NE Supercell Thunderstorm. 6.14.13


in a photography group on Facebook.  I did not expect what happened.  My photograph got enough LIKEs and SHAREs to make the #3 spot on the daily Top 10 images!!!  So, I just wanted to say a great BIG THANK YOU to everyone that follows, likes, and enjoys my storm photography!  You guys rock!!!

<h1>Read the article and see my image that got #3 along with all the other amazing photographers work, too!!!

Top 10 Weather Photographs: 4/18/2014 </h1>

I went storm chasing and I didn’t see much today. In fact, I probably would have seen more by staying home. However, it is that time of year to take to the open roads in search of storms. So, I went. I intercepted a huge gustnado. Total fun but now the inside of my car needs a bath. Then I shot this:

Storm approaching Ft. Scott, KS - 4.13.14
Storm Chasing - Moran, KS 4.13.14

Gustnado Intercept near Ft. Scott, KS - 4.13.14

Severe thunderstorms graced the state of Kansas this afternoon and evening.  Nothing too exciting.  Just some hail, wind, heavy rain, and lighting.  Weak upper level winds prevented prevented the storms from becoming more than what they ended up being.  The temperature/dewpoint spread kept the storms elevated.  For tornado chasing, this is undesirable, however, for lightning photography this is preferable.

Lightning Photography - Holton, KS - 4.12.2014

Lightning Photography - Holton,KS

Lightning Photography 2- Holton, KS 4.12.2014

Lightning Photography 2 - Holton, KS

Lightning Photography 3 - 4.12.2014

Lightning Photography 3 - 4.12.2014

Hail and Lightning in Horton, Kansas - 4.12.14

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Funnel cloud(s) and wall cloud north of Iola, Kansas - 4.2.2014

Severe weather broke out across south central Kansas yesterday, as a warm from nudged its way out of Oklahoma.  Tornadoes were in the forecast, along with hail, lightning, and damaging winds.

My target for the chase day was near Iola, KS, initially. The day started off cloudy but I knew the sun would eventually break through the cloud cover and really start heating things up. This is a good thing and a needed ingredient for storm initiation. Finally the sun did break out.

The sun breaks free!

The sun breaks free

However, as the day progressed, I shifted my target area to Winfried, KS, which would allow me to play anything along the warm front that developed. I met up with another chaser, Chris Rice, and we ended up hanging out at a park in Winfried to let the storms initiate and get organized.

There were some ducks and a goose all hanging out by the creek that ran through the park. I thought I would pass some time by photographing them, with the hopes of making Shane Kirk ( a little jealous. HAHA.







The storms finally initiated and the chase was soon underway.  At first, we thought about heading towards the chaser hoards near Wellington to play on a nice looking storm that was building.  We quickly changed our minds, though, once we caught a glimpse of the skinny and weak looking updraft.  We took one more look at the SPC mesoanalysis and our decision to abort that storm was called before we were outside the city limits of Winfried.  Looking once more at radar, we saw that initiation of storms had occurred back to our east.  This is where I had initially forecast my storm, so off we went.

Catching up with the storm

car near the Iola thunderstorm

I caught up with the storm as it passed Iola, Kansas and it was producing a very nice wall cloud. There had also been a report of funnel clouds a few minutes prior to my arrival. I got myself into position and out on a gravel road, too. It was a great chase merely for the fact there were not many other chasers on this storm. I did, however, meet Darin Brunin, when I turned down a gravel road. A nice little meet-&-greet and then the wind from under the storm hit us. Outflow….Time to go north and east.

Funnel cloud north of Iola.

Funnel cloud(s) and wall cloud north of Iola, Kansas - 4.2.2014

The CG lightning would intensify in kind of an ebb and flow manner. The lightning would get crazy, then the storm would start looking better on radar. I took these opportunities to do some lightning photography.

As the night progressed, the storms lost a their umph and I decided to call it a night.

Lightning Photos

kansas lightning photoIMG_3738-1
Lightning photo IMG_3739-1
Lightning photo IMG_3832-1

Massive Inflow cloud!

Supercell Thunderstorm Photo IMG_3760-1

And here is the video

Spring showed up suddenly today as convective storms developed along and ahead of a dryline/cold front setup today.  The storms kicked off early around 1pm just to the west of Kansas City and the Missouri state line.  I decided to chase a target area between Butler, MO and Pittsburg, KS.

Harrisonville, MO Severe thunderstorm - 3.27.2014

I never fully made it to Butler as a storm developed fairly close to my initial Butler target and then took off eastbound.  Storms had some amazing forward speed!  Some were traveling at 60mph!!!

Supercell storm on the way to Sedelia - 3.27.2014

Due to the Ozarks terrain, mainly in and around the Mark Twain National forest, the road networks are not very ideal for chasing storms.  I made due with what was available and I was not disappointed.

Severe warned supercell storm near Eldon, MO - 3.27.2014

I witnessed all modes of severe weather today.  Cloud to ground lightning, heavy rainfall, copious amounts of pea to quarter sized hail, and damaging winds.  I was also able to get my eyes on a brief tornado or funnel cloud just east of Sedalia, MO as I crested a hill.

Copious hail amounts east of Eldon, MO - 3.27.2014
Storms near Jefferson City, MO - 3.27.2014

What did you think about this post?  Did you experience or see any severe weather today?  Leave a comment below.  Feel free to share.

Severe Weather in Missouri - 3.27.2014

Lightning pics as storm season finally showed up

A strong cold front was moving through the Missouri/Kansas area today, bringing unwanted cooler temperatures for the middle of March.  Take a deep breath, though, since the cool down will only last for a day….even though there is snow in the works, too!!  Ugh!!!

Storm chasers were getting a taste of things to come as severe weather was expected in parts of central and eastern Texas, including tornadoes!  Most reports I saw only included the mention of hail storms.  I opted not to chase this storm system for numerous reasons.  Namely, I was not expecting anything too exciting to happen down south that was not going to happen near home.

I, along with many other people in the KC metro and surrounding areas were greeted with copious rainfall within the storms and an illuminating electrical display of lightning that seemed to show us all that the atmosphere is charged and ready to let loose.

Crazy weather in the midwest today.  Extremely nice temperatures throughout the last two days followed by an SPC “SEE TEXT” thunderstorm outlook which yielded scattered thunderstorms across Missouri.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end….temporarily.

Anyways, as the storms were scattering across an area near where I live, I decided to hop out and try my hand at some early season lightning photography.  I am glad I made the trek, too.  I nabbed this set of CG bolts just after I got to the cell.  After these two strikes, the lightning remained in cloud and only illuminated the sky as the rain turned to snow.  Ugh!!!

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Missouri Auroras 2/19/2014

Visible aurora borealis ( northern lights ) in Missouri - 2/19/2014

A fairly decent aurora borealis display was visible as far south as Missouri last night.  The solar winds ramped up and filled the northern horizon with red and green light pillars than elegantly danced across the far north horizon.  The above image is a composite of 304 image stacked.  As the Earth spun through the midnight stars, the northern lights put on their show.  See the video below.

Everyone likes something free so here is a free 1920×1080 HD Desktop image for all my fans. If you would like to purchase a full resolution print, please do so by visiting the link below:

“Sky on Fire” in the Landscape Pictures gallery.

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